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Medical Grade Cannabis Buds

We stock high quality hydroponic and organic cannabis.
We are experienced professional cannabis growers who place emphasis on the medicinal value rather than the quantity we produce.
This is why you will frequently see strains listed with a 50/50 indica-sativa ratio, as these strains are best for making the Rick Simpson Oil.

3.5g Organic White Russian42 EUR = 0.018 ฿X
7g Organic White Russian80 EUR = 0.035 ฿X
14g Organic White Russian147.5 EUR = 0.064 ฿X
3.5g Organic Chronic42 EUR = 0.018 ฿X
7g Organic Chronic80 EUR = 0.035 ฿X
14g Organic Chronic147.5 EUR = 0.064 ฿X

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